How to make the custom fish boxes

Do you wanna start the fishing in the sea or river but are you facing the difficulties to manage of these fish? Do you wanna purchase the fish boxes from the local market? It’s not cheap and does you wanna save the own budget’s issue for your purchasing. We suggest you are not buying these fish boxes from the shop. Let’s save your cost by using the custom fish box. You can easily build your custom boxes at the cheap price to buy after some important tools which are available in the local market These important tools can help to make your fishing subscription box is an essential part of your fishing. The one good tool need for your box which is the sheet of plastic.

There are many various methods by which you can store the own fish in the boxes or containers at the shore and sea so that your fish are not damaged. Many of fishes damages in the transport and you want to protect the own fishes by using the right fishing subscription box design so that you can arrive the good and fresh quality fish in the local market. You can easily handle any type of size or species by using the custom fish boxes. We are also customizing of the custom boxes by an excellent company which name is Packze deals all types of packaging customization. We will forget to tell you about the one important packaging company which name is Smart Packing also customizes these custom printed boxes.

The design your fish boxes

Do you wanna just pack some fishes? However, you don’t need the big fish box for your handling.if you wanna place the larger fishes in the boxes. You know it that these fishes sizes are very heavy. You have to build the strong box which can bear the weight of all big fishes.if your boxes will not be bear the weight of these fishes will be damaged to arrive before in the market. If you want to build the reputation in the fish market. You need to protect of your fish within any situation. When you will make the box.There are many questions will come to your mind that what box size should be used or fitted? All of these fishes must be fitted according to your needs.

fish boxes


You can also damage your fish owning to your box dimension will not be fitted.Please take care of this important step during the boxes. I wanna show here for you in the Images that how to fit all fishes in your box. We wanna suggest your boxes wanna fit according to fish size.Let’s look the 1st image which will guide you that this box dimensions are not corrected.In this image, you can look at about the fish is not fitted in the box. This type of dimension is not alright.To be careful about this type of dimension.


The type of your fish will also affect on your box.We wanna recommend the Max Depth (D) for your box.

custom fish boxes

White Fish: 600mm
Fatty Fish: 400mm
Fillets: 200mm


Your boxes should be should be securely arranged the weight (w) of your upper box is supported by the fish box underneath. You can also look at the image which is below.

Boxes sleeked


If your boxes are small. Then, you can easily lift of your boxes during the transport so that one person can easily lift them up to 30KG and two-person can easily lift up to 50KG. You can also design of the boxes according to machinery easily lifted of your boxes.

box transport


Your boxes surface will be cleaned from the dirt and should be easily clean from the disinfectant and detergent. Your material should not be absorb the smell. Therefore, you have to use the high-quality material which should be waterproof. Your fish boxes should be available on the sides for the meltwater should be released from the holes.

Flase box

These are points which you have to care during the construction for your fish boxes.

How to make fish boxes

You have to use the high rated quality material to make for your boxes so that your material should not affect to your fish.

boxes stacked underneath


If you have just wood material to make for the boxes, it should be possible to reduce the absorption of the water through the coating of the wood with the plastic so that it can help of your boxes to the longer.

wood box


We have to suggest you have to use the plastic boxes which are the better option for your boxes and it is also durable.

Plastic boxes

There are major benefits of the plastic boxes.

They are expensive as compared the wooden boxes.
You can use it for another purpose.


If the ice quickly melts in your Insulated fish boxes during the tropical climates. You have to also ensure the high quality should arrive in the local market. Take care about the money which is using on his ice so that you can save his money and ice.

Materials suitable for the insulation

If you are making these boxes with the insulating material should be packed between the 2 layers of the strong and waterproof. You may be used an excellent layer include glass fiber, cork, kapok, sawdust and polyurethane foam.

Materials insulation


How many types of the insulated custom fish boxes

The exact design of fish box chosen depends on where it will be used. The points already discussed should always be considered. The thickness of the insulating layer is related to the intended use.We have to discuss here the more important point for the exact design of your fish box has to use and also depends where you want to use it.

waterproof layer

If you don’t want to use the insulated container, we suggest you have to use the cheap box material. For example, woven palm leaves, newspaper, banana leaves, to wrap in your box can be want to use every time of fresh materials for the boxes.



The outer layer (20 mm) is of the wooden box, the layer ( 80 mm) of the tarred expanded the polystyrene and the inner layer(0.5 mm) with the aluminum sheet.An excellent rubber ring is also fitted with lid ensures the best seal.

fibre reinforced plastic



If you use these fish boxes on every stage for the fish handling such as at sea, at the retail sale and for the transport. Your fish should be protected from the damage. Plastic boxes are expensive but these are useful for the non-absorbent and clean.

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